Premium UK Education Consulting Service

Premium UK Education Consulting Service

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01 Evaluation Test

Analysis of student's comprehensive data through our professional evaluation system.
02 Interview

Interview session with our consultants based on the student's result from the evaluation test and to understand students' overall profile.
03 Result Analysis

Combining the data from evaluation test and interview session, we will provide comprehensive feedback through meeting with parents and the child.
04 Academic Planning

Tailored-made academic plan based on each student's need, matching them with the most suitable school.
05 Enhancement Training

Based on your desired UK school, we provide a fully-customized training courses based on areas that require improvement.
06 School Visit

Visit UK to experience first-hand the study environment and facility of top UK independent schools.
07 Admissions

Our admission services include application preparation, guidance, visa application and all necessary paperwork processing.
08 Entrance Examination

Provide training courses and interview skills enhancement classes for students based on their individual strength and weaknesses.
09 Guardianship

We help our students arrange guardianship as required. Our guardianship partners based in UK closely monitors each students academic progress、physical and mental health condition, which we will provide constant feedback to parents.

Excellent service provides high-quality study abroad experience for you.

Not sure how to find the right school?

FES offers professional consultation and evaluation for every student.

Our in-house developed evaluation system provides real feedback on students’ ability in different academic category. We try to know you better before offering any advice. Get in touch with us now!

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No idea how to prepare?

FES helps you take care of everything you need.

Whether you want to learn more about UK education or help with your application, we have the expertise. Get in touch with us today!

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Concern about sending your child overseas?

FES provides local on-demand support for your child at all times.

Our guardianship service provides local on-the-scene support for every one of our student. We monitor their conditions in academics, boarding and other needs. If there is a problem, we are there for you.

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Fulcrum Education Service (FES)
Professional UK Education Consultation Service

Education consultation service for Chinese students with professional evaluation, school recommendation, customized study training, reliable guardianship.
We care about you and your child!

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