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Publication time: 03/07/2018   Editor: FES   

Ryan, originally studied at an international school in China, and successfully enrolled at Summer Fields School at age 11. 

Target secondary schools: Abingdon School, Magdalene College School. Pre-admission training: Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal reasoning, Interview skills, English comprehension 6 hours a week. 

Summer Fields School is located in the center of Oxfordshire, the school had a long history of great academic performances, with an excellent record of getting students into Eton and Harrow each year. Ryan and his parents had a clear idea about their target school and we were asked to help prepare him to enroll into Abingdon School or Magdalene College School for his secondary education. 

Before Ryan received the offer of Summer Fields School, he studied in an international school like his old brother Ernest. When he came to consult with us on going to UK, he already had a solid English language foundation. However, when he attended the test that we set up for the UK 11+ entrance examination, we identified that he needed a much more systematic training program to help him prepare for the school’s entrance exams.

Many UK independent schools have tough requirements on students' ability in critical thinking and they tend to value a lot on the student’s performance during interview. Although Ryan was relatively good at English and Mathematics, he needed extra training in areas such as Non-verbal reasoning as well as numerous mock interview sessions to help him overcome some of his weaknesses. 

In order to help Ryan get into Summer Fields School, we arranged a tailor-made training program for Ryan 6 hours a week, including interview skills and critical thinking, which we also aimed to prepare him for his senior school application in the near future. Ryan was able to receive an offer from Summer Fields School through 3 months of intensive training, and he successfully enrolled in school on September of 2016.


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