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Publication time: 03/07/2018   Editor: FES   

Justin, originally studied in an international school, and enrolled in Dragon School at the age of 11. 

Target School: Abingdon School or Magdalene College School. Pre-admission training:Verbal reasoning, Non-verbal reasoning, and Interview skills. 

Started from a young age Justin had developed many interests. Ranging from music to basketball, he had a well-rounded portfolio as a student. His parents had high expectations for him to get into elite schools in the UK.

After a comprehensive assessment of Justin, we were able to narrow down a few school choices for Justin. Based on his results, we were able to recommend to his parents that Justin can go for Dragon School located in Oxford. Dragon School is a preparatory school of Oxford and one of the best preparatory schools in the UK.

The school not only emphasizes on their high standard of academic performances, but also pays close attention to the all-round development of students. The school’s quality is undoubtedly recognized by top senior schools around UK.


For Chinese students to apply to elite schools like Dragon, it would be rather difficult if they do not receive training designed to help them meet specific requirements the school is looking at. Hence, we developed a one-to-one tutoring program for Justin, tailored specifically to train him in verbal and non-verbal reasoning, areas that the school tends to look at. 

In the end, Justin was able to receive an offer from Dragon, and had left a lasting impression with the admissions officer. Justin was definitely one of our proudest success story.


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