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Ernest studied in an international school in his hometown, with our help he successfully enrolled in Papplewick School at 11 years old, which he was then able to get into Tonbridge School for his secondary education.

Pre-admission training: verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and interview skills.
Some parents often have a target school before they send their child abroad, in Ernest’s case, his parents have always aimed to have him study at Tonbridge School for his secondary education.

In China, Ernest studied in an international school and was taught majority in English, thus he had a solid foundation in English language skills to begin with. 

With the help of our educational consultant, Ernest selected a number of schools suitable for him and at the end he successfully enrolled into Papplewick School. During his time at Papplewick School, Ernest focused primarily on adapting to the UK study environment and began preparation for applying to Tonbridge School.

Tonbridge School is one of the top three boy’s school in the UK, and about a quarter of students enroll in University of Oxford every year. Requirements differs when applying to different schools, thus the corresponding training also changes accordingly.

 As Ernest have started his studies in the UK earlier (Prep-school stage), Ernest was able to continue his training locally with the help of his school and our consultant, in order to prepare for the entrance examination of Tonbridge School. The UK school environment also allowed him progress much faster, and Ernest was successfully admitted into Tonbridge School.


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